Your In-Home Elevator



How to Determine What Type of Elevator You Need

Please read this Elevator Options/FAQ (or download a printable version, here) before filling out our Elevator Inquiry Form to familiarize yourself with all of your options.

1. What is the Primary Purpose of installing an elevator in your home?

Medical Reasons: Trouble climbing stairs; heart condition; C.O.P.D.; weak knees

Limited Mobility: Use of a cane, walker or wheelchair

Other: Visiting or in-home elderly parents with mobility issues; multi-story home; convenience

2. What elevator Car Size and Capacity do you need?

For Convenience: 500 lb capacity with max car size of 12 sq ft (36”wide x 48”deep)

For Medical Reasons/Accessibility: 1,000 lb capacity with max elevator car size of 15 sq ft (36” x 60”)

Custom Sizes are available

3. What Kinds of Accessories are available for my elevator?

Automatic Gate Operator for opening and closing interior gate without touching the gate

Automatic Door Operator for opening and closing exterior door without touching the door

4. What Elevator Drive Systems are available for my elevator?

Cable Drum: Requires separate machine room for hoisting equipment and control system

MRL Overhead Cable Drum: Requires elevator hoisting machine be located on top of the elevator main rails; separate closet is necessary for elevator control system; can be located in a “tall” attic (min of 6’ tall), basement, or a cabinet on any of the floors

5. What Elevator Cab Finishes are available for my elevator?

Elevette 200: Basic Cab constructed of ¾” cabinet grade plywood

Elevette 250: “Shaker”style cab constructed of ¾” cabinet grade plywood and solid wood trim

Elevette 300: Trimmed-out Elevette 200 cab constructed of ¾” cabinet grade plywood with crown, base, chair rail and picture molding added to the basic cab

Elevette 400: Top-of-the-line cab constructed of solid wood styles and hardwood veneer raised or recessed panels

6. What Woods, Finishes and Other Features are available?

Woods: All elevator cabs are available in 6 different woods. They can be prefinished in the    factory (natural, stained or painted) or left unfinished to be custom finished by Hodge Design & Remodeling.

Pushbutton Controls and Telephone Finishes: 3 finishes available: Brushed Stainless, Brushed Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Handrails: A matching wood handrail is standard in the elevator car. Upgrades: Metal handrails in Brushed Stainless, Brushed Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze are available as upgrades.

Elevator Gates: Gates are all 2016 ASME Code Compliant and are available in Accordion Fold or as a Scissor Gate. The Automatic Gate Feature is only available on the accordion fold gate.

7. Hodge Design & Remodeling Elevator Safety Details:

All of our elevators are installed by State Certified installers and are inspected by the State of Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, Fire Safety Division, Safety Engineering Section. All of our elevators are installed with a working telephone, as required by law, and a battery backup in case of a power failure situation.


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